Grant Support

R01 AI103960-02 (MPI) (Diamond & Barry)                                    
05/15/13 – 04/30/18               
CMV Vaccine produced from BAC-MVA that Blocks Epithelial and Fibroblast Entry                         
the major goals are to construct an MVA expressing Human-UL128 pentamer using BAC-MVA technology, immunization of RhCMV-negative monkeys, and characterize humoral responses that inhibit CMV infection of fibroblasts and epithelial cells, with and without pp65-gB-MVA.
Role: PD/Principal Investigator (Contact)

R01 CA077544-13 (Diamond)
05/01/12 - 11/30/17
Control of CMV infection post-HCT using attenuated MVA-based CMV subunit vaccine
The major goal of this continuation project is to evaluate a multi-subunit CMV vaccine in human subjects including a safety study in healthy adults and a therapeutic trial in HCT recipients.
Role: Principal Investigator

R01 CA181045 (Diamond)                                                           
09/03/14 – 08/31/19
CMVPepVax to Protect HCT Recipients from Cytomegalovirus Infection
The major goal is to conduct single and multi-center Phase 2 trials using a broad spectrum of stem cell transplant recipients to test the protective efficacy of CMVPepVax to limit CMV infection.
Role: Principal Investigator

R01 HL122216 (Miller)
12/1/14 - 11/30/18
Inducing NK cells to remember and fight cancer
Provide regular consults and provide insight into the natural history of CMV infection in transplant recipients and the role of adaptive and innate immunity to control the infection.
Role: Co-Principal Investigator

R01 HD079918 (Schleiss)                                                     
Optimized Vaccines Against Congenital Infection and Maternal Reinfection with CMV
Supervise construction of a gpCMV pentamer vaccine in BAC-MVA. Demonstrate expression and assembly of the pentamer using in vitro immunochemical and biochemical approaches.
Role: Co-Principal Investigator
P01 CA111412 (Miller)                                                          
NK cells, their receptors, transplantation and cancer therapy
Project 2: Therapeutic Potential of Adaptive NK Cells in Transplantation
Major goal: Determine the requirements for the expansion of adaptive NK cells, explore the role of STAT3 signaling in the differentiation of adaptive NK cells, evaluate the impact of CMV-induced adaptive NK cells on relapse protection and on T cell reconstitution after transplantation, and assess the in vivo anti-tumor activity of adaptive NK cells in human tumor-bearing mice.
Role: Co-Principal Investigator
Project #2001969 (Diamond)                                    
Helocyte, Inc.                                                             
PepVax Program
Major goal is acceleration of the PepVax (IRB #13494) clinical trial.
Role: Principal Investigator
Project #2001968 (Diamond)                                    
Helocyte, Inc.                                                             
Triplex Program
Major goal is acceleration of the Triplex (IRB #14295) clinical trial.
Role: Principal Investigator
Project #2003719 (Diamond)                                    
Helocyte, Inc.                                                             
ConVax Preclinical Program
Major goal is the development of the ConVax (MVA-HEPTA) preclinical development.
Role: Principal Investigator
U19 AI128913-01 (Reed)                                          
Mapping Immune Responses to CMV in Renal Transplant Recipients
Dr. Diamond will provide his expertise to Dr. Reed’s proposal that focuses on characterizing the relationship between CMV and the immune response using high-throughput systems biology technologies and novel statistical and computational modeling approaches in the setting of renal transplant.
Role: Sub-contract Principal Investigator
Nanocomposix (Oldenburg)                                      
NIH SBIR - PHS 2017-1                                            
Rapid Point-of-Care Diagnostics to Detect Serologic Status of Individuals for Select Viral Infections
Major goal: To produce, purify and characterize human cytomegalovirus pentameric complex (HCMV-PC) in amounts needed for the development of a lateral flow diagnostic test for a fast detection of anti-HCMV antibody response in human blood samples.
Role: Subcontract Principal Investigator       
Sponsored Research (Manuel and Diamond (co-PIs)
Curative Therapeutics                                                     
Clinical Translation of shIDO-ST for Use in Patients with Advanced Pancreatic Cancer
The major goal of  these studies will be to evaluate a human version of shIDO-ST (HushIDO-ST) in patient-derived xenograft mouse models of pancreatic cancer and to support future endeavors leading to clinical translation of HushIDO-ST.
Role: Co-Principal Investigator
Caltech-COH Biomedical Research Award (Manuel)                                                
City of Hope                                                                  
Evaluating Expression Patterns of Transposable Elements in Early PanIN and Late Stage PDA
The major goal of the pilot project is to determine whether unique TE signatures exist within pancreatic intraepithelial neoplasms and pancreatic adenocarcinomas during cancer progression.
Role: Principal Investigator
Excellence Award (Manuel)                                       
City of Hope                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
Characterization of Neutrophils Generated in Mice Receiving Salmonella Carrying shRNA Against IDO
The major goal of this project is to determine if neutrophils isolated from mice treated with shIDO-ST have antigen-presenting qualities suitable for eliciting robust cytotoxic CD8+ T cell responses.
Role: Principal Investigator
St. Baldrick’s International Scholar Fellowship (Ogembo)     
St. Baldrick’s Foundation
Multivalent virus-like particle vaccine against pediatric Kaposi sarcoma
The overall goal of the project is to mentor Dr. David Mulama (International Scholar Fellowship) on the development and characterization of a polyvalent vaccine against KSHV infection.
Role: Mentor
Shared Resources (Ogembo)
Beckman Research Institute of City of Hope
An improved cervical cancer screening algorithm for a diverse population: evidence for integrating 12 high-risk HPV genotypes
This grant provides funding for the use of core facilities to define high-risk HPV genotype distribution in all archived ICC cases at COH and assess the significance of HPV-58 infection, and characterize the extent to which HPV genotypes are unique to certain ethnic groups living in COH catchment areas.
Role: Principal Investigator
Excellence Award (Ogembo)
Beckman Research Institute of City of Hope
Immunotherapeutic and Prophylactic Treatment for EBV-Associated PTLDs and Lymphomas
Our goal is to generate novel Epstein-Barr virus-like particles and EBV-humAbs to prevent and/or treat post-transplant lymphoproliferative diseases in military patients.
Role: Principal Investigator
R21 CA205106-01 (Ogembo)
National Cancer Institute (NCI)
A novel VLP vaccine to prevent EBV infection and EBV-associated malignancies
The overall goal of the project was to design polyvalent VLPs containing gp42-gH/gL-EBNA1-LMP2 as a candidate vaccine against EBV.
Role: Principal Investigator
The V Foundation for Cancer Research (Ogembo)
A novel platform for generating polyvalent vaccine
The overall goal of the project is to optimize the platform for generating virus-like particles.
Role: Principal Investigator
K01 CA184388-02 (Ogembo)
National Cancer Institute (NCI)
Unmasking the roles of KSHV glycoproteins in virus entry and vaccine development
The overall goal of this project is to design polyvalent virus-like particles and test their efficacy in stimulating humoral and cellular immune responses against KSHV in mice and non-human primates (marmosets).
Role: Principal Investigator
Pilot Grant (Ogembo)                                     
Wisconsin National Primate Research Center
Towards KSHV VLP based vaccine development
The goal of this project is to generate recombinant KSHV lacking viral glycoproteins K8.1, gH, or gB to define the role of each glycoprotein in KSHV entry in vivo (non-human primate: marmosets).
Role: Principal Investigator