Project 2

Control Of Cmv Infection In Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplant Recipients Using Attenuated Mva-Based Cmv Subunit Vaccine

Despite the almost universal application of preemptive antiviral therapy, cytomegalovirus (CMV) still remains the cause of major health complications, profound defects in immune reconstitution, and significant morbidity in post-transplant recovery of immune-compromised HCT recipients. Substituting antivirals with a vaccine that harnesses the abundant native immune response to CMV may improve outcomes for HCT recipients.
While we are seeking to confirm a therapeutic benefit of CMVPepVax in HLA-A*0201 (Project 1) hematopoietic cell transplant (HCT) recipients, broadening the eligibility of the population to all HLA types that would benefit from a vaccination strategy is best approached by employing a safe delivery vector that expresses full length CMV antigens. We have used modified vaccinia Ankara (MVA) virus for that purpose in collaboration with NCI-NExT to manufacture a candidate for clinical testing. The clinical manufacturing of CMV-MVA-Triplex took place at City of Hope, and IND-directed toxicology at SRI (Birmingham, AL). We will conduct three clinical trials that will comprehensively evaluate our clinical vaccine candidate.
Modified Vaccinia Ankara (MVA), a vaccinia virus being investigated as a smallpox vaccine by the Defense Department, is a safe and robust delivery system to treat or prevent a wide range of diseases including HIV and cancer. Replication-defective MVA is safe, well tolerated and strongly immunogenic when used in HCT recipients or AIDS patients. We developed a multiple-antigen recombinant MVA with genes encoding 3 immunodominant CMV proteins: UL83 (pp65), UL123 (IE1-exon4), and UL122 (IE2-exon5) (CMV-MVA-Triplex), and established its pre-clinical safety and immunogenicity using humanized HLA transgenic mouse models and human PBMC from CMV-positive healthy volunteers and HCT recipients.
Defining safety, persistence of the virus, maximum tolerated dose and immunogenicity of CMV-MVA-Triplex in healthy volunteers was a critical first step in its clinical development for HCT recipients as mandated by the FDA. In a Phase I trial (NCT01941056), these endpoints were evaluated in 24 healthy volunteers (age:18-60), with or without prior immunity to CMV and vaccinia. Three escalating dose levels (DL) were administered intramuscularly (DL1=10xE7; DL2=5x10E7; DL3=5x10E8 pfu/dose) in 8 subjects/DL, with a booster injection 28 days later, and follow up for 1 year.
A safety trial has been successfully completed in healthy volunteers who are equivalent health-wise to immunocompetent HCT donors as required by the FDA and established the safety and dose level for a second trial in HCT. A double-blind Phase 2 trial has started in December 2015 in which 104 HCT recipients with HLA-matched related donors (MRD) or unrelated donors (URD) are being randomized equally to receive either vaccine or placebo.  Immune responses and clinical correlates of vaccine-stimulated protection will be followed in HCT recipients enrolled in the Phase 2 clinical trial.
CMV-MVA-Triplex is the first vaccine against CMV that uses a recombinant MVA incorporating multiple CMV antigens, developed for HCT recipients, who are at risk for CMV reactivation. The safety and marked immunogenicity of CMV-MVA-Triplex in this Phase I trial justified testing of the vaccine in the HCT setting.
We will discover the optimal formula for immunizing HCT recipients to prevent CMV viremia and minimize usage of potentially toxic antiviral agents. Success with this CMV vaccine would have a significant clinical and cost-saving effect on recipient management after MRD or URD HCT.


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10/2014 – 7/2019
CMVPepVax to Protect HCT Recipients from Cytomegalovirus Infection

NExT Proposal 253529                                                             
Approved for funding
Production of a clinical lot of Tet-CMV vaccine for HCT recipients

P30 CA033572-29                                                                          
3/2012 - 11/2013
Cancer Center Support Grant
Evaluation of safety and correlative immunogenicity studies of a CMV peptide vaccine co-injected with PF03512676 adjuvant in recipients of allogeneic HCT

PO1 CA030206
10/1992 - 3/2012                                                                              
Bone Marrow Transplantation for Hematologic Malignancy: Project III “Acquisition of Immunity to CMV”

RO1 CA077544
3/1998 - 2/2009                                                                                 
Peptide vaccine to prevent CMV disease after HSCT

24XS044 Subcontract 
6/2004 - 9/2005                                                                      
NCI, SAIC-Frederick   
Design of an in vivo Assay to Measure the Potency of the PADRE-CMV and Tetanus-CMV Peptides

LLS 6122-02
9/2001 - 8/2004                                                                                      
HLA Tetramer-Guided Analysis of CMV Immunity After BMT

20XS192A Subcontract
10/2000 - 12/2002                                                                   
NCI, SAIC Frederick
Preclinical Evaluation of Mono- and dilipidated Vaccines for Activity Against Cytomegalovirus

LSA 6116-98
9/1997 – 8/2002                                                                                   
Therapeutic Vaccine to Limit CMV Infection After BMT
BB-IND13124 “CMV Fusion Peptide (PADRE T-cell helper epitope and Tetanus T-cell helper epitope; synthetic; Bachem California) Vaccine with and without Oligodeoxynucleotide Immunomodulator (CPG 7909; Coley Pharmaceutical Group, Inc.)”





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  • John A. Zaia, M.D.: PI of the Phase Ib Trial in healthy adults
  • Ryotaro Nakamura, M.D.: PI of the Phase Ib and II Trial in HCT recipients; Clinical Staff of Department of Hematology and HCT
  • Stephen J. Forman, M.D.: Chair, Hem/HCT (City of Hope National Medical Center)
  • Corinna LaRosa, Ph.D.: Director of the laboratory correlative studies for vaccine clinical trials
  • Michael Verneris, M.D.: PI of the Phase II trial in HCT recipients
  • Jeffrey S. Miller, M.D.: co-PI (University of Minnesota Medical Center).
  • Pfizer, Inc.: Vaccine Research, supplier of PF-03512676 adjuvant.


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