Informatics Faculty and Staff

Acting Chair, Department of Informatics
626-256-4673, ext. 67310
Sorena Nadaf
Senior Vice President & Chief Informatics Officer
626-256-4673, ext. 80102
Adina Londrc
Director, Clinical Research Information Support
[email protected]
626-256-4673, ext. 65553
Jeffrey Longmate
Director and Professor, Biostatistics
Director, Biostatistics Core
[email protected]
626-256-4673, 62478
Russell Rockne
Assistant Professor
Director, Division of Mathematical Oncology
[email protected]
Ajay Shah
Director, Research Informatics
Co-director, Clinical Protocol & Data Management
[email protected]
626-256-4673, ext. 81967
Cindy Crosby
Business Manager, Information Sciences
[email protected]
626-256-4673, ext. 85427