Division of Clinical Research Information Support (CRIS)

Adina Londrc, M.D.
626-256-HOPE (4673), ext. 65553
Fax: 626-301-8965
Clinical Research Information Support (CRIS) provides centralized standardized support to City of Hope clinical research investigators and staff, including support to the Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) staff, as well as Clinical Research Coordinators (CRCs) collecting observational data. CRIS delivers resources and training, and develops programs and processes to establish best practices in accordance with Good Clinical Practice (GCP).

The division is dedicated to fostering an environment that enables clinical research to be conducted with the highest standards of quality, integrity and efficiency, working in close collaboration with Biostatistics and Research Informatics, to provide seamless services for your clinical research studies.CRIS also operates the protocol data management section of the Cancer Center's Clinical Protocol & Data Management (CPDM) shared resource.
The following services are offered to clinical research staff and investigators:

Clinical Trials On-Line

  • Curate and quality assure protocol data
  • Bookmark and load all PDF documents for protocols, consents & standard research orders
  • Post protocol alerts within 1-2 hours of request
  • Register your protocols to ClinicalTrials.gov and the NCI Clinical Trials Reporting Program

Data Quality

  • Case Report Form (CRF) design
  • Quality control of CRF data for in-house treatment and observational studies
  • Assistance with external audit data preparation
  • Data management preparation for FACT accreditation

Disease Registries

  • Data collection for observational disease registries
  • Data collection for hematology retrospective protocols
  • State mandated abstracting and reporting to the California Cancer Registry
  • Federally mandated data collection and reporting for all transplants performed at City of Hope

Multi-center Coordination

  • Multi-center coordination and support of both interventional and observational studies sponsored by City of Hope
  • Data coordinating center for NCI-sponsored trials through California Cancer Consortium-Pittsburg (CCC-P) and other externally peer-reviewed grants