Developmental Research Program

Stephen J. Forman, M.D.
John A. Zaia, M.D.
The primary objective of City of Hope ’s Cancer Center Lymphoma SPORE Developmental Research Program is to support high quality, innovative translational research projects that are not yet sufficiently mature for full program status despite having outstanding potential.
This goal is accomplished through the Developmental Research Program's capacity to identify conceptually novel and innovative hypothesis-driven projects spanning the spectrum of basic to medical science and clinical research pertaining to lymphoma, to provide fiscal support to allow sufficient development of these projects for subsequent funding as full SPORE projects or as independent projects funded by an independent peer-reviewed mechanism, and to provide intellectual/practical advice to Developmental Project leaders and foster collaborations to facilitate the translational process. This program imparts flexibility to the SPORE, allowing it to respond quickly to the latest developments in translational lymphoma research and to take maximal advantage of new technologies, opportunities for new collaborations, and novel ideas and approaches.
Under the auspices of the Administrative Core, Dr. Stephen Forman, SPORE PI, directs the program in conjunction with the Developmental Research Program Committee, made up of highly regarded scientists and clinicians with interest and expertise in evaluating the translational potential of evolving lines of query pertaining to improving early detection, diagnosis, treatment or prevention of lymphoma.
The Administrative Core provides:
  • Dissemination of information about the Developmental Research Program within and outside City of Hope’s Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • Solicitation of applications
  • Organization of the activities of the Developmental Research Program Committee.
The Program provides up to $50,000 for one year per developmental project throughout the duration of the SPORE. Funds in this program can also be used to develop a new shared resource or establish a new technology within an existing shared resource, to support short-term collaborations with investigators in other institutions, or to purchase services for the SPORE in response to a recognized need. Developmental research projects from investigators within City of Hope’s Research community, as well from established collaborators outside the institution, are eligible for support.