CCARE Professional Development

CCARE’s professional training initiatives aim to disseminate best practices in cancer care to providers in underserved communities by ensuring existing faculty members are kept up to date on best practices, while training a new generation of clinicians and researchers in these innovative methods.
City of Hope’s Continuing Medical Education program, under the direction of Robert J. Morgan, Jr., M.D., emphasizes current strategies designed to increase awareness and servicing of community-specific health needs.
Dr. Ashing is currently training three postdoctoral fellows. Two Fellows received funding under the City of Hope/California State University, L.A P20 mechanism awarded to principal investigator Susan Kane, Ph.D.
Summer Academy
Annually, CCARE mentors high school and college students through the Summer Student Academy
Cancer Equity Forum 
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In recognition of Minority Cancer Awareness Week, CCARE brings together scientists, physicians, health advocates and policymakers at a forum to grapple with inequity issues.
The 2015 program topics include:
  • Quality Cancer Care for a Diverse California: From Precision Medicine to Patient Centered Care
  • 80 by 2018: American Cancer Society Colon Cancer Prevention Campaign
  • Ethnic Representation Equity in Health Research
  • Kimlin Tam Ashing, Ph.D., Director, CCARE, City of Hope
  • Steven Rosen, M.D., Provost and Chief Scientific Officer, City of Hope
  • Jorge Soto, B.S., Chief Product and Technology Office, Miroculus
  • Joseph Alvarnas, M.D., Director of Medical Quality, City of Hope
  • Lily Lai, M.D., Associate Director for Committee on Cancer, City of Hope
  • Lucille Adams-Campbell, Ph.D., Georgetown University Medical Center
CCARE and our community partners will continue to collaborate closely on scientific studies and community based cancer education and screening programs to increase minority participation in research, improve cancer prevention efforts and early detection. CCARE is committed to educating and empowering communities, through combining scientific knowledge with community wisdom and action, for a greater voice in cancer prevention and research and to equalize health outcomes for all.
Watch footage from past lectures here.