David Chen Lab Research Highlights

High throughput genetic screen in leukemia and cancers.
For de novo therapeutic target discovery, Chen’s laboratory developed a complete pipeline from shRNA/sgRNA library design, cloning, QC, screen in cancer models (both in vitro and in vivo), high throughput sequencing and data analyses.
Epigenetic networks in leukemia and cancers.
Using the epigenetic tools including ChIP-seq, ATAC-seq and combined with high throughput genetic screens, Chen’s laboratory aims to define the epigenetic circuitries that drive tumorigenesis and drug resistance in leukemia and cancers. Understanding these mechanisms will allow developing next generation therapeutics (including combinational therapies) to better suppress the biggest challenge in current clinical oncology, e.g., relapsed and refractory cancers in patients.
Precision epigenome editing.
Chen’s laboratory is developing the leading-edge technology for loci-specific epigenome editing. This project is funded by the NCI-K99/R00 award (CA197498).