Developmental Cancer Therapeutics

The search for more effective, less toxic treatments for cancer is an on-going and vital pursuit at City of Hope. In our Developmental Cancer Therapeutics Program, research scientists and clinicians are collaborating closely to develop and evaluate novel therapies for cancer patients.
The goals of this program are to advance our understanding of cancer progression and mechanisms of resistance, identify cancer specific targets, and develop new treatments for clinical investigation:  
  • Experts in basic research seek to better understand the causes of cancer progression, as well as identify new molecular targets specific to the cancer cells.
  • The program’s translational scientists work to use this advanced understanding to develop and to improve anti-cancer agents, and to finely-tune methods to fight specific types of cancer. 
  • Clinicians work with our translational scientists to move these new patient trials to test for safety and potential therapeutic efficacy. 
  • Correlative research studies are also conducted to gain as much information as possible from the clinical trials, which is used to optimize clinical strategies and new drug development.
The focus of the Developmental Cancer Therapeutics Program is on developing more targeted and selective anti-cancer treatments to reduce the amount of collateral damage to normal tissues associated with many currently available treatments. These leading edge studies are leading to greatly improved cancer therapies, with further advances expected to continue.

Program Leadership

Program Co-Leaders Karen Aboody, M.D., David Horne, Ph.D.  and Edward Newman, Ph.D., lead a team of prominent clinical, translational and basic scientific researchers with a broad spectrum of expertise who are committed toward a common goal. Because of them, City of Hope is proud to be in the forefront of advancement in cancer therapeutics.
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