Molecular and Cellular Biology of Cancer

To win any fight, we must know our opponent at its most fundamental level. That’s the mission of City of Hope’s Molecular and Cellular Biology of Cancer (MCBC) Program, a collection of experts dedicated to a robust understanding of cancer’s basic biology. 
Led by celebrated cancer biologists, Dr. David Ann and Dr. Binghui  Shen, the MCBC Program facilitates basic cancer biology research and accelerates the application of basic scientific discoveries into the clinic for cancer therapeutics and prevention. To achieve this, the program brings together world-class investigators in the areas of DNA damage response and repair, RNA biology and therapeutics as well the areas of cancer metabolism and oncogenic signaling to generate synergy in the war to fight cancer.
Although the work of the MCBC Program is scientifically complex, the goals of its researchers are fairly straight-forward:
  • To define the relationship among DNA damage and repair, mutagenesis, and carcinogenesis at the molecular level and to develop therapeutic regimens based on identified targets, including the molecules involved in DNA damage response, repair, and epigenetic changes in response to DNA damage.
  • To define and characterize fundamental biological roles and mechanisms of novel microRNA and long non-coding RNA in tumor initiation, development, and metastasis as well as to develop technology based on non-coding RNA for cancer therapeutics.
  • To elucidate signal pathway alterations due to metabolic imbalance that result in tumor initiation, cancer cell proliferation and/or death, and metastasis and to improve the design of cancer therapeutic regimens.

A comprehensive study of how, why, and when DNA break-down occurs is particularly key to the ongoing fight against cancer. The discoveries made by our MCBC researchers in this area are constant reminders that this is a fight we can—and will—win.
With a masterful knowledge of the core foundations of cancer, researchers and experts at City of Hope’s MCBC Program are pioneering forces in the development of creative and powerful treatments across all three clinical programs: Developmental Cancer Therapeutics (DCT), Cancer Immunotherapeutics (CI), and Hematologic Malignancies (HM).
We know how cancer fights—and we’re winning the fight against it.