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Microbes in Space | City of Hope

Learning about the mechanisms terrestrial bacteria and fungi use to survive in the challenging environment of outer space could give us insights into how to fight disease, as well as how to promote beneficial bacterial growth.

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A scientist from City of Hope, an institution with expertise in both diabetes and cancer, will present research on why diabetes patients have an increased risk of developing some forms of cancer.

Pancreatic Cancer Cell

The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network has awarded two City of Hope researchers — Yuan Chen, Ph.D., and Xiaochun Yu, M.D., Ph.D. — $500,000 Translational Research Grants — a total gift of $1 million.

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City of Hope scientists highlighted research successes and presented recent findings at the 2019 American Diabetes Association’s Scientific Sessions.

Board of Governors - Rossi

John Rossi, Ph.D., the Lidow Family Research Chair and professor of the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, is the recipient of the 2019 Outstanding Achievement Award presented by the American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy.

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A City of Hope scientist and his colleagues have developed a user-friendly approach to creating “theranostics” — therapy combined with diagnostics — that target specific tumors and diseases.

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A City of Hope scientist and his colleagues have developed a user-friendly approach to creating “theranostics” – therapy combined with diagnostics – that target specific tumors and diseases.

Rare Disease Day | City of Hope

City of Hope has long been renowned for its expertise in treating cancer and diabetes. But specialists here also are tackling lesser-known but equally devastating diseases that may or may not have an oncologic component.


Debbie Thurmond, Ph.D., delivers and accepts the John K. and Mary E. Davidson Lectureship and Award for Outstanding Diabetes Research

breakthroughs - arthur riggs legacy

In January 1979, the National Academy of Sciences published a paper about an innovative discovery at City of Hope that would forever change how diabetes is treated. Arthur Riggs, Ph.D., and Keiichi Itakura, Ph.D., revolutionized diabetes treatment when they made a novel gene, one that coded for human insulin.

Drs. Sampath and Riggs | City of Hope

Sampath Rangasamy, Ph.D., a researcher at City of Hope affiliate TGen, has spent his whole life researching type 1 diabetes, a personal battle since he himself suffers from the disease.


Recently a team of researchers led by City of Hope scientists identified a new potential target to keep the immune system stable and islet beta cells healthy, in an effort to keep type 1 diabetes at bay.

Researcher Li Li | City of Hope

As a Ph.D. candidate at City of Hope, Li Li's work with Alexander disease may also shed new light on similar neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

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A City of Hope researcher has developed a stem cell model to assess possible treatments for a rare nervous system disorder that is in the same disease group as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). The finding takes scientists one step closer to finding a way to slow or treat Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative disorders.

breakthroughs - islet cells

Many people struggle with both diabetes and cancer at the same time — none of this is random or coincidental. Rather, it's clear that, from biology to risk factors to treatment options, cancer and diabetes are intimately related in many ways.

Board of Governors - Rossi

In an effort to improve options for those with liver cancer, a group of researchers have identified a way of potentially treating a broad range of liver diseases and perhaps even other types of cancer.

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In an effort to understand cancer on a cellular level, a team of City of Hope researchers have been examining DNA deletions and their role in the disease.

breakthroughs - arthur riggs

Every so often, as City of Hope’s Arthur Riggs, Ph.D., knows well, “forgotten” work can provide groundbreaking insight for new research years later.

Center for Gene Therapy - Kevin Morris

City of Hope researchers have found a link between a type of ancient RNA and a tumor suppressing gene.

Student intern Ben Nittayo | City of Hope

Students spent 10 weeks this summer at the Eugene and Ruth Roberts Summer Student Academy, designed to give hardworking students the opportunity to learn about science by working in a laboratory setting.