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The Department of Clinical Diabetes, Endocrinology & Metabolism offers a unique diabetes and endocrinology program combining groundbreaking research, innovative treatments with comprehensive patient education to help people living with diabetes and other endocrine diseases get the medical care and information they need to achieve optimal quality of life.
Treatment is tailored to the individual, with the type of disease and its severity determining the optimal course of treatment. City of Hope patients can also enroll in a clinical trial for novel, promising therapies that are not available elsewhere.
The department also provides care and conducts research for other endocrinology and metabolic disorders, including:
  • Diagnosing and treating endocrine system malignancies (e.g. cancer or tumor in pituitary, thyroid, pancreatic, ovarian, testicular and neuroendocrine tissue)
  • Preventing and managing hormone-related side effects that can arise from cancer treatments
  • Treating sexual dysfunction due to hormonal imbalance or disorder

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The department also collaborates with Harbor-UCLA to offer an endocrine fellowship to train clinicians in diagnosing, treating and researching endocrine disorders.