Department of Diabetes & Cancer Discovery Science

The Department of Diabetes & Cancer Discovery Science within the Diabetes &Metabolism Research Institute at City of Hope provides leading-edge research to support advances in diabetes, metabolism and oncology research.

Chaired by Joyce Niland, Ph.D., the Edward and Estelle Alexander Chair in Information Sciences, the department engages local, national and international research collaborators, developing novel shared resources, analytics, data-mining and knowledge-discovery techniques to enhance scientific insights and exploration. The central focus is to drive new hypotheses and research questions involving the analysis of large, integrated clinical, laboratory and research datasets.

Collaborators include:

  • Integrated Islet Distribution Program (IIDP)
  • Intestinal Stem Cell Consortium (ISCC) Coordinating Center
  • Human Islet Resource Network Coordinating Center
  • Human Islet Resource Network (HIRN) Bioinformatics Center


Business Support
  • Yvonne Bobadilla, business director
  • Shaunna Spears, senior project manager
  • Cynthia Aragundi, analyst
  • Gloria Perez, senior administrative assistant
Grant Staff
  • Janice Sowinski, Project Manager – IIDP
  • Jessica Girard, Project Manager – ISCC
  • Layla Rouse, Project Manager – HIRN
  • Martha Antler, Project Assistant – IIDP, ISCC
  • James Cravens, Administrative Mgr - IIDP
  • Jenny Chuang, DB Admin – IIDP
  • Heather Sibley Sr. Programmer – IIDP, ISCC, HIRN
  • Marcelo Pineda Sr. Programmer – IIDP, HIRN
  • Barbara Olack, QA Admin – IIDP, ISCC
  • Carol Swanson, Data Mgr – IIDP, ISCC, HIRN
  • Dajun Qian, Statistician – IIDP (Cons)
  • Michelle Cissell – HIRN (Cons)
  • Anastasia Albanese-O’Neal – HIRN (Cons)
  • LA Design / TC Bandalito – HIRN (Cons)
  • Rebecca Ottesen, Staff Scientist, DS Lead
  • Julie Kilburn, Statistical Programmer
  • Janet Nikowitz, Clinical Analyst
  • Julie Hom, Sr. Analyst
  • Axel Mueller, Ph.D., staff scientist
  • Dave Ko, senior programmer analyst
  • Sherland Fuertez, web programmer
  • Nelly Berger, project assistant