Lab Members

Front row from left to right:   Kevin V. Morris (professor, Ph.D. University of California Davis), Citradewi Soemardy (Research Associate I, B.S., University of California San Diego),  Olga Villamizar (postdoctoral fellow, Ph.D., Southern Illinois University), Surya Shrivastava (postdoctoral Fellow, Ph.D., National Center for Cell Science, India), Herah Hansji (postdoctoral fellow, Ph.D., University of Auckland, New Zealand), Nicole Grepo (Research Associate, B.S., University of California Los Angeles), Alicia Davis (graduate student, M.S., California State University San Bernardino), Shirley Li (staff scientist, Guangzhou Medical School).
Back row from left to right:  Denis O’Meally (staff scientist, PhD, Australian National University, Australia), Ryan Urak (graduate student, M.S., University of California Riverside, Tiina Nieminen (Fulbright postdoctoral scholar, Ph.D., University of Eastern Finland, Finland), Galina Shevchenko (graduate student, B.S., University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia, Roslyn Ray (postdoctoral fellow, Ph.D., University of Cape Town, South Africa), Tristan Scott (staff research scientist, Ph.D., University of Witwatersrand, South Africa).