Who is qualified to enroll? 
If you have a diagnosis of fibromyalgia and two living parents you are eligible.

What if only one or none of my parents are alive? 
Contact the principal investigator Jack Shively for further information.

How do I enroll? 
You must visit the clinic of Dr. R. Paul St. Amand.  He will confirm your diagnosis, explain the protocol and obtain your written consent.

How do I enroll my parents? 
You will contact them directly and then inform Dr. R. Paul St. Amand who will enroll them.

What am I required to do? 
You will be given a saliva kit and instructions on how to collect the specimen.

What will be done with the saliva? 
Your DNA will be extracted from the saliva and sequenced.

When we will I learn the results of the testing? 
Never.  This is a research protocol and the testing is not an FDA approved test.  Your results and others may eventually lead to an approved test.  However, all results will be published.

May I decline or withdraw from the study? 
Yes.  You may decline to be tested or withdraw from the study at any time.

Will my confidential information be protected? 
Yes.  The study is fully approved by the City of Hope Institutional Review Board and is fully HIPPA compliant.  Your results are coded and published in coded form.

More questions? 
Email the principal investigator Jack Shively.