The ultimate goal of the Program in Natural Therapies is to facilitate rapid development of nature-derived treatments into more effective, less toxic cancer therapies. At City of Hope, we make this happen by combining our unique research model with the vision of our leaders and supporters. This includes:
About the Program in Natural Therapies
  • A “bench to bedside” process that combines the expertise of our basic science, drug manufacturing, clinical research and patient care programs. This model encourages collaboration across multiple disciplines and allows scientific breakthroughs to be quickly transformed into new treatments.
  • Bringing all aspects of new agent development in-house, improving the speed and cost effectiveness of our discoveries.
  • A well-established protocol to help expedite our discoveries through review, regulatory and approval processes, such as those of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • An extensive scientific infrastructure, including highly specialized laboratories, centralized research support and FDA-approved manufacturing facilities, which enhances our researchers’ ability to investigate and identify cancer-fighting compounds in natural products and transform them into promising new therapies.