Reprogramming T Cells to Fight and Kill Cancer

Immunotherapy, or harnessing the body’s own immune system to fight disease, is one of the fastest evolving fields in cancer research and treatment. At City of Hope, our scientists are studying how immune cells can be reprogrammed to fight cancer throughout the body and prevent recurrence.
Learn more about how we are accomplishing that below:

T cells — also known as T lymphocytes — are a specific type of white blood cells that mature in the thymus, a gland in the chest region.
Memory T cells fight disease by identifying and memorizing pathogens upon initial exposure.
Memory t cell reprogramming involves a multi-step process and when completed T cells should be able to identify and form an immune response against cancer cells throughout the body.
The viruses used in this study belong in the lentivirus genus, whose unique characteristics make them particularly effective for introducing new genes into human cells.
Lentivirus is a type of virus in retrovirus family.
This treatment method has shown promise against blood cancers in clinical trials.
Current trials open for enrollment are listed at our Clinical Trials page, simply do a search for Memory-Enriched T Cells.
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