See below for a list of Research Operations Departments and their primary contacts:

Research Finance & Shared Services

Research Finance & Shared Services Senior Director Michael Kenney
Shared Resources Administration Ryan Chiechi
Clinical Trial Billing Urmila Bajaj
Basic Research Facilities Kurt Kulhavy

General Research Administration Services

Clinical Trials Support Services Maureen Uhlir
Office of Faculty & Institutional Support Keely Walker
Office of Sponsored Research Kathleen Kreidler
Research Data Management & Analysis Matt Bush
Protocol Development Samantha Hammond

Program-Specific Administration Services (Basic Research)

Cancer Biology Jocelyn Cumming
Immuno-Oncology Mansze Kong
Diabetes & Metabolic Diseases Yvonne Bobadilla
Graduate School Jocelyn Cumming
Experimental Therapeutics Mansze Kong
Molecular Immunology Yvonne Bobadilla
Information Sciences Michael Kenney
Molecular & Cellular Biology Jocelyn Cumming
Molecular Medicine Mansze Kong
Developmental & Stem Cell Biology Mansze Kong
Population Sciences Elizabeth Hartman
Cancer Genetics & Epigenetics Yvonne Bobadilla

Program-Specific Administration Services (Clinical Research)

Clinical Diabetes Leonard Chen
Gene Therapy Katelyn Kaiser
Immunotherapy Maggie Vigil
Leukemia Christine Chuong
Lymphoma Valerie Smith
Myeloma Maggie Vigil
Stem Cell Transplant Maggie Vigil

Research Protections

Research Protections Senior Director Amanda Hammond
Analytics & Decision Support Caroline Song
Data Safety & Monitoring Office Kimberli Doan
Institutional Review Board Amanda Hammond
Protocol Scientific Review & Monitoring Yinka Oshodi
Quality System Operations Yasmine Shad
Regulatory Support Services Bridget Flanagan

Clinical Trials Unit

Clinical Trials Unit Senior Director Kathleen Finn
Clinical Research Unit Mary Carroll / Pam Herena
Clinical Trials Auditing and Monitoring Paula Miner
Community Practices Brenda Williams
Hematologic & Cellular Therapeutics Bernie Pulone
Solid Tumors Kathleen Finn
Pediatrics/Endocrine Jayne Roses-Landau