The Analytical Cytometry Core (ACC) is comprised of three cell sorters and six analytical cytometers.
The Cell Sorters include:
  • S3 cell sorter (Bio-Rad) with 2 lasers (488mm and 561mm) and 4 fluorescent detectors
  • Aria III (Becton Dickinson) with 4 lasers (405nm, 488nm, 561nm & 633nm) and up to 15 fluorescent parameters
  • Aria II SORP (Becton Dickinson) with 6 lasers (355nm, 405nm, 457nm, 488nm, 561nm & 640nm) and up to 18 simultaneous fluorescent parameters. This sorter is contained in a biosafety cabinet
The Analytical cytometers include:
  • Gallios (Beckman Coulter) with 10 fluorescent detectors and 3 lasers (488nm-5detectors, 405nm-2detectors, & 638nm-3detectors). It also has a 32 tube carousel for walk away data acquisition.
  • CyAn ADP (Beckman Coulter) with 9 fluorescent detectors and 3 lasers (488nm-5detectors, 405nm-2detectors, & 640nm-2detectors). We also have the ability to attach a Hypercyte for high throughput screening from 96/384 well platform.
  • 2 Fortessa SORP (Becton Dickinson) with 5 lasers (355nm, 405nm, 488nm, 561nm, 640nm) and up to 17 simultaneous fluorescent parameters. HTS module for 96 well sample delivery allowing for automation is also available.
  • 2 C6 (Becton Dickinson) with 4 fluorescent detectors and 2 lasers (488nm-3 detectors, 640nm-1 detector).
ACC also provides training for user operation of the analytical instruments, basic flow theory, software, and data analysis for result generation and presentation. Other functions of ACC include application assistance, experimental design, and site license management for Flowjo and FCSexpress.