The CyAn™ ADP 9 Color has three excitation sources: 405nm, 488nm & 635nm. This instrument has 11 parameter capabilities (two scatter and nine fluorescent detectors). All parameters can be collected in linear peak height, linear area, and/or log scales. It is capable of acquisition rates up to 50,000 events per second. This cytometer is available for trained users to operate, or user samples may be analyzed by the core at an additional cost.
CyAn™ (Flow Cell) CyAn™ ADP
(Advanced Digital Processing)
Quality Control
Spherotech Ultra-Rainbow Spectralign beads are run once a week to ensure proper laser alignment for stability and reproducibility.
Investigators must supply their own reagents.  Users that are trained to self operate the instrument will need to provide their own tubes.  This instrument requires polypropylene or  polysytrene 12X75mm tubes for operation.