The Gallios is an analytical cytometer with 3 lasers and 10 fluorescent detectors (405nm-2 detectors, 488nm-5 detectors and 638nm-3 detectors).  Attach the parameter list.  There are 3 settings for forward scatter detection to increase the resolution.  A 32 tube carousel provides for setup and walk away sample acquisition.  All parameters can be collected in linear and/or logarithmic scales as height, area and/or width measurements.  This cytometer is available for trained users to operate, or user samples can be analyzed by the core staff at an additional cost.
Quality Control
Flow Check Pro standard beads are purchased from Beckman Coulter and run on a weekly basis to monitor system performance.  
Supplies Needed
Investigators must supply their own reagents.  Users that are trained to self operate the instrument will need to provide their own tubes.  This instrument requires 12X75mm tubes for operation.