Analytical Cytometry Team

626-256-HOPE (4673), ext. 63346
Staff Scientist
626-256-HOPE (4673), ext. 67172
Shaun Hsueh, B.S.
Research Associate II
626-256-HOPE(4673), ext. 85832
Alexander Spalla, B.S.
Senior Research Associate 
626-256-HOPE (4673), ext. 85832
Ni Feng
Research Associate II
626-256-HOPE (4673), ext. 85832
Furth Building:
Room 1132:  Aria Sorters and staff offices
Room 1133:  Analyzers and NanoSight
Room 1124:  Bio-Rad S3 cell Sorter
Room 1125:  RoboSep Magnetic Beads Separator
Room 1132a: Manager’s office
Beckman Research Center:
Room 3300 - C6 Analyzer