Note:  Proposals including a statistician as a collaborator will ordinarily include a biosketch, and possibly a letter of collaboration.  For proposals in which a statistician has a small, defined role, funding for core support may be included as an expense, in which case you may wish to contact the collaborating statistician or the director for a letter of support.  The following generic statement is provided as a resource, but please contact the Biostatistics Core if you use it.
The Biostatistics Core is a shared resource of the City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center.  It draws upon 10 doctoral-level statisticians and 6 staff statisticians.  Members of the Biostatistics Core collaborate in basic, translational, clinical and population research, and its services are available to all City of Hope researchers.  Research areas supported include: bioassay, animal models, genomics, genetics, mutation, toxicology, pharmacokinetics, diagnostics, biomarkers, clinical trials, clinical epidemiology; population epidemiology, genetic epidemiology.  
In general, the core can provide standard and principled approaches to numerical and graphical data summary, statistical inference, modeling, and prediction. Core members help with study design, grant proposals, clinical protocols, data analysis, and manuscripts.  Statistical software includes SAS, R, StatXact, EaST, and NQuery Advisor.  A linux cluster is available for computationally intensive projects, and COH has excellent network and IT support.