Funding core effort:
Consulting refers to one-on-one meetings with Core statisticians to discuss the statistical approaches necessary for the research. Consulting is free, but intended primarily for advice and initial planning discussions.
Collaborative projects should fund a statistician’s effort in one of the following ways:
Grants:  Include appropriate statistician support in the personnel budget.  
Contracts:  Include appropriate statistician effort in the contract.
Clinical trials: Include appropriate statistician effort in the clinical trials finance budget.
Portfolio studies are those for which a department or investigator has arranged for statistical support from specific core personnel, similar to a grant budget.
Other Studies generally require that statistician effort is supported by the investigator via core charges.
Analysis of Data for Publication – (e.g. a novel or unanticipated statistical need) may be left to the statistician’s discretion and availability.
Case finding for Letters of Intent (LOIs) is a free service.  Investigators may use iCode for self-service. Case finding for all other uses may be charged at the published core rates.
Other activities: Occasionally, the Biostatistics Core is asked to assist with data extraction or similar activities that are not a core service, not research, or not collaborative.  If such a request is accepted, it will be billed at full cost-recovery (external) rates.