Genomic Analysis Resources

  • Analyze data provided by the Functional Genomics Core
  • Develop semi-automated analysis pipelines in order to provide more efficient support.
  • Build a database of open source microarray data that will allow users to analyze associations between genes and clinical variables (stage, age, survival, etc.)
  • Provide consultation, interpretation, and visualization of analysis results
  • Create laboratory information management systems (LIMS) for sample and experiment inventory as well as automated data pre-processing pipelines.
  • Provide software (such as Partek, IPA, etc.) to assist users with their own analysis
The following types of microarray analysis are currently supported:
  1. Gene Expression Profiling
  2. miRNA Profiling
  3. DNA Methylation Array Analysis
  4. Exon Splicing Array Analysis
  5. Tiling Array Analysis - Includes ChIP-ChIP
  6. CGH Array Analysis (Copy Number Analysis)
  7. Drug Metabolism Analysis (DMET array)
  8. Pathway analysis and functional interpretation