Image Analysis Resources

  • Perform QC for data collected at the Sequencing Core.
  • Provide support for data pre-processing, including adapter trimming, bar code trimming, sequence alignment and data format conversion so that the Solexa user can easily visualize NGS sequencing data using IGV and other software.
  • Develop semi-automated Solexa analysis pipelines to provide more efficient support.
  • Provide consultation, interpretation, and visualization of analysis results.
  • Create laboratory information management systems (LIMS) for sample and experiment inventory as well as automated data pre-processing pipelines.
  • Provide software (such as Partek, NextGENe, etc.) to assist users with their own analysis.
The following types of sequence analysis are currently supported:
  1. mall RNA-seq, including expression level of small RNAs (including miRNA and other non-coding RNAs), detection of novel small RNAs, prediction of novel miRNA precursors and differential expression analysis.
  2. DNA-Seq, mainly for copy number analysis.
  3. Targeted resequencing (e.g. exome sequencing, PCR amplicon sequencing), including variants detection, small and large indel detection, and structural variation.
  4. RNA-seq, including peak detection, motif analysis, and more advanced analysis.
  5. ChIP-seq, including peak detection, motif analysis, and more advanced analysis
  6. For other data types, consult the BIC staff.