Software / Equipment

BIC Software (on Citrix)
  • Programs for Image Analysis: Biobase TRANSFAC, CLC Bio Genomics Workbench, CLC Bio Main Workbench, DMET Console, IGV, Labshare, NextGene, Oligo, R, Seqlab, Sequence Alignment, Sequencer, SeqWeb 3, Vector NTI (Version 10 and 11)
  • Genomic Analysis:  Ingenuity Pathway Analysis, Biobase TRANSFAC, Cluster 3.0, GeneSpring 7.3, GeneSpring GX, IGV, ImaGene, Matlab, Oligo, Partek, R, Signal Map
  • Computer-Assisted Molecular Design: Cn3D, COH Similarity Pipeline, Discovery Studio, DS Viewer Pro, HyperChem 7.5, Matlab, Pymol, R, Rasmol, Swiss PDB Viewer
  • DCT: CBIS, Biocore T100 Evaluation, Chem4D Draw, and HyperChem 7.5 DCT
  • A limited number of programs are not available on Citrix: contact Yate-Ching Yuan, Ph.D. at [email protected] for more details
BIC Workstations
  • Commonly used bioinformatics programs are also installed on 9 BIC workstations located in computer rooms throughout the campus and in the Flower building.  Contact Yate-Ching Yuan, Ph.D. at [email protected] for the locations and policies of BIC workstations.
Computational Resources
  • scaleMP - Cyberinfrastructure utilizes the latest blade system technology and ScaleMP's Versatile SMP (vSMP) Foundation technology to deliver a scalable computation solution. The computational resources of the Cyberinfrastructure compose a scaleMP vSMP system with 32 core and 128GB memory, high performance database servers, and high performance MS Windows/Linux application servers.
  • Isilon Tired Storage Cluster solutions – 143 TB of data for storing results from high-throughput sequencing, high-throughput screening, and microarray results.
  • A large number of different servers are utilized to meet users’ needs. Contact Yate-Ching Yuan, Ph.D. at [email protected] for details.