Zeiss LSM510 META NLO Axiovert 200M Inverted Microscope

Confocal Microscope_Zeiss LSM510 META NLO Axiovert 200M Inverted Microscope
Widefield Microscopy Modes
  • Bright Field
  • Nomarski DIC
  • Fluorescence
Laser Scanning Modes
  • Argon Laser 458, 488, 514 nm
  • HeNe 1 Laser 543 nm
  • HeNe 2 Laser 633 nm
  • Tunable IR Ti-Sapphire Pulse Laser 730-950nm (2-Photon Excitation)
  • 3 PMT detectors with individually controlled pinholes
  • 2 Non-Descanned Detectors
  • META polychromic 32 channel Spectral Detector
  • Transmitted light mode
Imaging Features
  • Motorized Stage; XY movement for tiling, Z for optical sectioning
  • Single or Multi-track image collection
  • 8 or 12 bit pixel depth
  • Lambda stack scanning
  • Linear Unmixing of spectral scans
  • Emission fingerprinting
  • Multiple ROI scanning
  • 3D projection from image stack, depth code, stereo pairs, red and green stereo images
  • 128, 256, 512, 1024, and 2048 pixel frame size
  • Ratio imaging
  • Multi-Time Macro for time lapse imaging
  • Physiology Macro
  • Continuously adjustable digital zoom
  • Detector rotation
  • Monitor Diode Detector reduces laser noise
  • Overlay of DIC or phase on fluorescent image
  • LSM 4.2 on Windows XP Platform
  • Other: an accessory incubator that controls temperature and CO2 levels during time lapse imaging of growing cells and tissue
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Confocal Microscope Images
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