Leica LMD 7000

Widefield Visual Modes

  • Bright field
  • RGB Fluorescence: Metal Halide 120V


  • 349nm (multiple adjustment parameters; solid state LASER)


  • CC7000

Specimen Holders

  • 3 Slides
  • Petri Dish
  • 18well slide

Collection Devices

  • 0.2mL tubes
  • 0.5mL tubes
  • Universal Collection holder (with inserts)


  • Two Wacom Pen Screens; can draw shapes for cutting directly on monitor
  • Can cut and collect multiple shapes into multiple collection devices automatically
  • Live-Cell-Cutting (LCC) macro
  • Collection tube inspection macro
  • Collect tissues and cells directly into extraction buffer

Objectives For Cutting

  • PL FL 1.25x/0.4NA (cannot use for cutting)
  • UVI 5x/0.12 NA
  • PL FL L 20x/0.4 NA Corr
  • PL FL L 40x/0.6 NA Corr
  • PL FL L 63x/0.7 NA Corr