Scope of Work
The scope of the work performed by the core facility ranges from cell culture, through animal studies, through clinical trials; (i.e., Basic Science through Application).  The core facility focuses primarily on proteomic and glycomic approaches to biomarker discovery, but has capabilities to investigate the contribution of lipid and metabolic biomarkers. Biomarkers relying on nucleic acid expression or genome sequencing technologies are not performed by our core facility, but are performed by a separate Genomics Core facility.  The core also can readily assist in the development of preclinical assays for validating the efficacy of the biomarkers discovered.
Four primary areas of investigation (Proteomic, glycomic, lipidomic, and metabolomic) rely primarily on Mass spectrometry approaches, 1-Dimensional and 2-Dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoretic methods, Free-Flow Electrophoresis, Automated and Manual antibody staining of tissue sections, and mass spectrometry based tissue imaging. For a full service list please login to our iLab Solutions site.
The Core houses the following equipment used in service delivery:

Bruker Ultraflex Mass Spectrometer
Mass profiling–Molecular Signatures
Negative and positive ion modes
Determine mass of molecules from < 500->200,000+ daltons
SELDI/MALDI/Tissue profiling
Protein/Lipid/Sugar identification
Perform mass profiling & molecular localization on FFPE or frozen tissue samples.

Bruker Ultraflex Mass Spectrometer

Beckman Biomek 3000 Liquid Handling Robot
Reproducible spotting of samples or liquids of interest in Biomarker Discovery Projects.
Perform ELISA assays
Column fractionation of clinical  or mouse model samples using 96 well format filter plates can be performed to enrich components of a specific mass thought to be biomarkers of interest.
Beckman Biomek 3000

Tecan Freedom EVO
The robotic platform offers an advanced, proven and reliable liquid handling system for different scales and throughputs. With the choice of various liquid handling and manipulative robotic arms we provide an extendable work area and variable configurations. Freedom EVO workstations can automate a diverse range of applications including primary and secondary screening, cell growth and maintenance, nucleic acid sample preparation, hit picking, library management and sample weighing.
Tecan Freedom EVO


Dionex uHPLC 3000 and Proteineer Fractionation Collector
Nanoflow HPLC purification of complex mixtures of intact proteins from cell lysates and protein expression studies, proteolytic fragments and clinical samples. Useful for small volume (1-10 ul) protein fractionation.
Dionex UHPLC 3000
Biologic Protein Purification (FPLC) Large Scale Protein Purification
Protein Purification over traditional chromatography columns.Capable of purifying large quantities of protein or small quantities in a project specific format.
Biologic Protein Purification


Free Flow Electrophoresis
Reproducibly purify unlimited quantities of proteins, protein complexes, cells, miRNA’s, organelles, and other biological materials under denaturing or non-denaturing conditions using a 96 well format.
Performs IEF or Zonal Electrophoresis.
Separations  can be optimized to occur within minutes; aiding labile PTM recovery.
Free Flow Electrophoresis

IHC and Tissue Histology Manual IHC tissue staining
Development of manual tissue staining protocols for determining  biomarker specificity and sensitivity.
IHC and Tissue Histology Manual Tissue Staining


Ventana Benchmark XT
Automated tissue staining
Assay Development for Selective Tissue staining
IHC and ISH capable
Ventana Benchmark XT