One Thermo Orbitrap Fusion equipped with Easynano UHPLC for proteomic analyses and a Dionex Ultimate 3000 UHPLC for metabolomics and lipidomics.


One Waters Synapt G2 HDMS high definition mass spectrometer with ion mobility MS equipped with a Waters nanoAcquity 2D UHPLC system for omic analyses.


Two Agilent 6520 Q-TOF mass spectrometers equipped with Agilent 1200 nanoflow LC system including an Agilent ChipCube for peptide and intact protein analyses.


One Agilent 6490 triple quadupole mass spectrometer with iFunnel equipped with an Agilent 1290 UHPLC system for LC/MS/MS analyses for accurate quantitation.


One Simultof 200 combo MALDI mass spectrometer for accurate measurement of peptides and proteins.

One Simultof 300 Tandem MALDI TOF/TOF mass spectrometer.

  • One Thermo Electron LTQ linear ion trap mass spectrometer for walk-up nanoelectrospray analyses.
  • Sequest® and X!Tandem database search systems for Protein identification running on a 15 node computer cluster and a standalone versions of ProteinLynx Global Server.
  • Agilent 3100 OFFGEL Fractionator for protein fractionation with in-solution recovery. Uses a novel isoelectric focusing technique to achieve excellent pI-based fractionation.
  • GelFree 8100 Fractionation System for mass spectrometry sample preparation partitions complex protein mixtures into user-selectable liquid-phase molecular weight fractions. Intact protein molecular weight fractionation, isolation, and purification with liquid-phase recovery without band or spot cutting.
  • Four workstations for data analysis for proteomics, lipidomics and metabolomics.