The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Core is located in the Hilton Building, Room 123. The main focus of this core is to apply high resolution NMR spectroscopy to the structural characterization of biomolecules, small organic compounds, natural products; investigation of biomolecular complexes including protein-protein, protein-nucleic acid and protein-ligand complexes; identification of metabolites in biofluids; and fragment-based drug screening.
The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Core has one Bruker 600 MHz Avance NMR instrument that is equipped with four channels, a TXI cryo-probe and a room temperature probe, and one Bruker 700 MHz Ascend equipped with TCI cryoprobe and a sample jet can handle up to 480 NMR tubes for batch screening study. Both instruments are operated with HP workstations running the Linux operating system, have pulse shaping capability on three channels (1H/13C/15N), and 2H decoupling capability.