1. Understand the mechanism of actions of proteins and nucleic acids at atomic details through the characterization of structures and interaction of the biomolecules
  2. Analysis of protein-ligand interactions and fragment-based drug screening
  3. Structure elucidation of natural products and synthetic compounds
  4. Metabolomics
600 MHz Bruker Avance NMR Instrument
Bruker 600 MHz Avance equipped with a TXI cryoprobe and a sample case holds up to 24 samples.
700 MHz NMR Instrument
Bruker 700 MHz Ascend equipped with TCI cryoprobe and a sample jet can handle up to 480 NMR tubes for batch screening study.
Both instruments are operated with HP workstations running the Linux operating system, have pulse shaping capability on three channels (1H/13C/15N), and 2H decoupling capability.
NMR Core also hosts an Isothermal titration calorimeter.