Using the Facility

New users of the fluorescent microscope and imaging systems must schedule an introductory training session with Vicki Bedell at 626-256-HOPE (4673), ext. 62025, before using the system. Once trained, researchers may use the system independently.
In order to reserve the facility, City of Hope researchers may schedule microscope use via the online calendaring system in MS Outlook or contact the core facility. Non-City of Hope personnel should contact the core facility. All users should book the facility as far in advance as possible, and must complete and submit the Core Lab Services Request Form. If you have limited needs (e.g., a few photographs), you may request that these be processed by Cytogenetics Core facility personnel.
Supplies Needed
Most of the reagents needed are provided by the Cytogenetics Core Laboratory. However, researchers should specify the tissue culture medium required for their cell lines, and any special reagent(s) for their project (e.g., ASI Mouse SKY Probe kit). Users must also complete and submit the Cytogenetics Core Lab Service Request Form.
Turnaround Time
The turn-around time is highly project-dependent. Please contact Joyce Collins, discuss the project for estimated turn-around times.