SRC Abstract For Grants

Located in the Population Sciences building, the Survey Research Core (SRC) is a shared resource facility based in the Cancer Control and Population Sciences Program of the City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center.
It is directly involved in research at City of Hope, from the inception of a research idea involving survey-based methodology, to analysis and final publication of results.
The specific functions provided by the SRC include sample selection to meet the stated hypotheses and aims of the proposal, survey design and pre-testing, implementation and monitoring of mailed and on-line surveys, implementation of all aspects of telephone surveys, as well as tracking study subjects lost to follow-up and automated data entry.
The SRC has highly trained personnel to maximize the efficiency, reduce the cost and optimize the participation rates required for the various aspects of survey-based research. The Core works in close collaboration with Ph.D.-level biostatisticians to provide the expertise needed for projects of any type or scale.
The SRC utilizes a Tailored Design Method to organize multiple mailings for mailed survey to maximize response rate and minimize non-response bias.
The SRC ensures high volume; high accuracy automated content capture using the Cardiff Teleform Information Capture System. Cardiff Teleform is a complete system for creating and capturing data from printed forms. Teleform can perform hand-print, machine-print, check-box and barcode recognition with exceptional accuracy.
Acknowledgement of Financial Support
Please acknowledge these funding sources when publishing work derived from the Survey Research Core (SRC).