Study design and sampling
  • Consultation with investigators on the most appropriate design for the proposed research project.
  • Identification of a sampling frame that accurately reflects the target population.
Instrument development and pre-testing
  • The SRC provides assistance with the development and design of questionnaires. We work in close collaboration with investigators to ensure that valid, reliable data is obtained from the population surveyed.
Data collection and entry
  • Projects are administered by means of mailed, telephone, face-to-face, and on-line surveys.
  • An automated data entry system is used for mailed surveys.
Data coding and entry
  • Open-ended questionnaires are coded and entered by experienced staff.
Data management
  • A project database tailored to meet the needs of the study is created using a variety of software to suit the investigator’s preference, with the capability to export data into SAS, SPSS, SQL, EXCEL, ACCESS etc.
Data analysis and reporting
  • Statistical support for data analysis is provided, with generation of a final report with tables, charts, and graphs combined with narrative comments.


These services are offered individually, in a variety of combinations, or as a complete package, depending on the investigator’s preference.