Using the Facility

Quality Assurance
The SRC provides individualized attention to investigators during each stage of the research project, from initial data assessment to collection needs, to survey design and interpretation of results.

Well-tested and highly developed quality-assurance procedures and controls are in place throughout all stages of the project.

Surveys are pre-tested and well-developed coding procedures are followed for open-ended questions.
TheCardiff Teleform Information Capture Systemis a major component of the SRC’s quality control process. It eliminates potential errors that could occur with manual data entry.
For data entry, 100 percent verification is standard procedure. The SRC conducts verification checks of all data prior to issuing a final project report. Telephone and face-to-face interviews are conducted using strict quality-assurance and extensive tracking procedures. Multiple mailings, follow-up postcards, and postage-paid return envelopes are used to ensure high response rates in mailed surveys.
The SRC provides expertise in study design and sampling, survey and questionnaire design, data collection and management, and advanced statistical support.
An epidemiologist and a biostatistician will work closely with investigators to choose the right study and questionnaire design, determine the most efficient sampling frame and size for the study.
The SRC ensures high volume, high accuracy, high quality data collection, rapid turnaround time, and automated content capture using theCardiff Teleform Information Capture System. Cardiff Teleform is a complete system for creating and capturing data from printed forms. Teleform can perform hand-print, machine-print, check-box, and barcode recognition with exceptional accuracy.
Form inventory
The SRC maintains an inventory of standardized questionnaires for all purposes including psychological, demographic, food frequency, and quality of life, among others. Please contact the SRC Director for further information.