An NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center

A healthy, happy and active native of Southern California, Alex Tung was diagnosed with cancer at 38 years old. As the only son of a Chinese immigrant single parent, Alex wanted to beat cancer not only for himself, but also for his mom. With the support of his family and the research and treatment from City of Hope, Alex has been in remission for over one year.

When Alex learned that he had a rare form of leukemia that was immune to chemotherapy, he was told by a previous hospital that he only had six months to live. Knowing that City of Hope specialized in cancer research and treatment, he looked to City of Hope for additional options. It was important to him that he had a doctor and staff who spoke Chinese so that his mom could understand his condition and help make decisions together as a family.  

From the moment he arrived at City of Hope, he felt optimistic and reassured. “My first day at City of Hope felt more like I was being admitted to my freshman year in college,” Alex said. “Instead of feeling like I was in a traditional hospital about to battle cancer alone and afraid, I felt more like I was at a center where everyone and everything is dedicated and designed to help people beat cancer and survive. Everyone at City of Hope is courteous, professional and compassionate, and knows exactly what it takes to keep the patients encouraged, motivated and optimistic about beating cancer.”

There was no bone marrow match for Alex, so his doctor at City of Hope came up with the revolutionary idea of an umbilical cord stem cell transplant. Alex is now recovering from his transplant and making every effort to return to his active lifestyle and continue spending time with his mom. He maintains a strong relationship with City of Hope and often attends various community events to share his success story with others.   

Alex is a living testament to how City of Hope is committed to its patients and its lifesaving mission. His remarkable story was the inspiration for the new Chinese brand campaign.