Division of Thoracic Surgery

The Division of Thoracic Surgery employs the latest and most effective surgical techniques in treating chest diseases such as lung and esophageal cancer, chest wall cancer, pleural cancers (including mesothelioma), thymomas and mediastinal tumors. Minimally invasive approaches are used whenever possible and may result in quicker recovery times and fewer surgical complications.
Patients benefit from an integrated approach to managing conditions affecting the lungs and thoracic cavity: a coordinated effort between all members of the treatment team determines the need for post-surgery follow-up with radiation and/or chemotherapy to ensure the best possible outcomes.
City of Hope’s minimally invasive techniques play a major role in diagnosis and treatment of thoracic cancers, ranging from lung biopsy to lung resection to esophageal removal and reconstruction, using the robotic da Vinci Surgical System.

The extensive experience and unique training of our thoracic surgeons also mean they can handle more complex cases that may be deemed inoperable elsewhere.

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If you have a thoracic tumor (such as lung, esophageal, thymus or mesothelium cancer), call us at 626-471-7100 or visit our become a patient page to make an appointment.