Music, Film & Entertainment Industry Group 2nd Annual Trivia Bowl

May 10, 2018
Village Studios
7 to 10 p.m.
What has 100 heads, celebrity status, an irreverent personality, a heart of gold and is a font of useless knowledge?

It started as a not-so-secret “hot ticket” event for music industry insiders to get together and compete and show their deep knowledge of pop music ephemera and minutia – all for bragging rights and fun!
For those souls who are brave enough to prove their musical knowledge, the game is back!  Covering everything from the ‘50s to the present, from pop to punk, disco to EDM, from hit singles to scandals, all of it will be done in a fun, irreverent fashion.
Music, fun, competition, insanity, camaraderie….all for a good cause.  What could be better for your company or brand?

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Trivia Bowl offers a wide range of sponsorship opportunities.  This allows sponsors to benefit from the connection to a “hip” music industry crowd in a fun, less-corporate setting.
Sponsorships also tie into the support of the highly recognized City of Hope, whose work has saved millions of lives around the world.  Over the years, City of Hope’s Music, Film and Entertainment Industry group has raised more than a $118 million and honored some of the most important figures in the music and entertainment business.
  • Your name will be tied to an “inside” music industry event.
  • There is a menu of ways to sponsor the event and use your name and logo in a manner that best meets your image and budget.
  • Your name will be incorporated into all press, industry and community outreach.
  • You can use the event as a fun perk for your employees, clients or vendors.
  • As a sponsor of the first “official” Trivia Bowl, you will be in on the ground floor of an ongoing annual event.
  • You will be helping to support one of the leading medical research and treatment facilities in the world.


For more information, please contact:
Sarah Speirs
[email protected]
Gabriela Aguilera
[email protected]
626- 218-6313