Breakthroughs - Nurse-led hypnosis helps cancer patients find relief from pain
Nurse-led hypnosis helps cancer patients find relief from pain, nausea
October 8, 2015

Hypnosis gets a bad rap. Portrayals in the media of hypnosis as a silly or devious tool used to embarrass unwitting subjects or even gain control of people and their resources have kept these misconceptions alive.

Breakthroughs - Groundbreaking study explodes myths about palliative care
Groundbreaking City of Hope study explodes myths about palliative care
October 7, 2015

When Beverly Fairbairn was invited to join a major City of Hope study on palliative care as part of her treatment for lung cancer, she was taken aback.

“Are you talking to me??” she remembers thinking. “But I feel fine right now. I'm not there yet.”

Like so many others, Fairbairn assumed palliative care was little more than crisis-level pain control for patients in their final days. Fairbairn's cancer was in remission. She was healthy. The mere suggestion that she be included in the study stirred up a little paranoia: “Do they know something I don't?” she wondered.

Tips on returning to wellness - good foods
Breast cancer: Tips on returning to wellness
October 6, 2015

Breast cancer is more than a physical disease. It permeates a woman’s emotional, social and spiritual well-being. Here are some tips – from City of Hope’s “Return to Wellness” program – to help women regain a feeling of control.

Breakthroughs - Return to Wellness
Breast cancer: The return to wellness begins when treatment ends
October 5, 2015

Completing treatment for breast cancer produces a wave of relief — but one that can quickly be overwhelmed by feelings of anxiety and confusion. Together, the emotions add up to: “What now?”
The need for emotional and physical support doesn’t stop when treatment ends, said Linda Klein, manager of operations for the Sheri & Les Biller Patient and Family Resource Center at City of Hope. Research and medical advances mean more people than ever before are surviving cancer, Klein said, “but that brings to light many new needs and concerns about living post-treatment.”

Breakthroughs - Breast cancer - a new era in research
Breast cancer: A new era in research enhances patient care
October 2, 2015

City of Hope scientists and doctors are on the forefront in the fight against breast cancer, conducting research that will ultimately result in less invasive and more effective treatments for women worldwide.