Breakthroughs - Breast cancer - a new era in research
Breast cancer: A new era in research enhances patient care
October 2, 2015

City of Hope scientists and doctors are on the forefront in the fight against breast cancer, conducting research that will ultimately result in less invasive and more effective treatments for women worldwide.

Kommah McDowell Success Story Image
Breast Cancer Awareness Month: It's about patients today – and tomorrow
October 1, 2015

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, City of Hope is delivering leading-edge treatments to women and men recently diagnosed with breast cancer, working to find new treatments and cures for those who will be diagnosed in the future, and, ultimately, trying to prevent breast cancer from occurring at all.

Emily Taylor
Lung cancer survivor: What I learned during treatment
September 30, 2015

Emily Taylor was 28 years old and about to celebrate two years of marriage with Miles, her college sweetheart, when a wheeze brought her to a doctor's office. A former athlete who had never smoked, Taylor was stunned when a scan revealed she had Stage 4 lung cancer.

Breakthroughs Blog - Dave and Cindy
Kidney cancer patient to fellow patients: keep fighting
September 29, 2015

When Cindy Pasternak learned of her husband's cancer diagnosis on April 1, 2014, she hoped it was an April Fool's joke. But medical tests had revealed that what David Pasternak, then 63, a successful Los Angeles attorney, had dismissed as a persistent case of bronchitis was, in fact, something far more grave.

Metabolic disease: Who's at risk? What can be done? (w/PODCAST)
September 28, 2015

Metabolism is the chemical processes that occur within a living organism in order to maintain life. But what causes disorders of the metabolism, including diabetes?