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Find a Clinical Trial

We’re aggressively pursuing ways to help our patients right now – not years from now.  That focus puts City of Hope among the worldwide leaders in administering clinical trials, with approximately 300 underway at any given time.

By having world-renowned scientists, physicians and treatment manufacturing facilities working side by side at our main campus, we’re able to quickly turn breakthrough discoveries into experimental treatments.

Many of today’s most effective cancer and disease therapies are based on the results of clinical trials that depend on volunteer patients. By being part of a clinical trial, a patient could benefit from the latest treatments available, treatments that are promising but unproven.

Search through our clinical trials using the link below. See if one of them holds promise for you. As with all decisions regarding your medical care, the choice to participate is yours to make.



For more information on a specific clinical trial or to sign up, please call 626-218-1133.