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Breakthroughs - laryngectomy
New laryngectomy support group provides tips, community and hope
May 27, 2016

Cancer patients can use as much support as possible before, during, and after treatment, as cancer inevitably takes a tremendous physical and mental toll. That’s why City of Hope created a laryngeal cancer support group for those who have undergone a laryngectomy.

Breakthroughs - Aaron Yniguez
Leukemia survivor Aaron, 8, will soon meet the donor who saved his life
May 26, 2016

Aaron Yniguez will be celebrating his ninth birthday, an ordinary celebration turned extraordinary because he is a pediatric leukemia survivor, who underwent a bone marrow transplant. Aaron and his family will now have the chance to meet and thank his bone marrow donor at City of Hope’s 26th Celebrity Softball Game on June 7, in Nashville, Tennessee.

Breakthroughs - melanoma
10 facts all women should know about melanoma
May 25, 2016

Skin cancer is the most prevalent of all cancers in the United States, more common than all other cancer diagnoses combined, and while melanoma represents just a small portion of those cases, it is by far the most deadly cancer of the skin. With summer days fast approaching, here are 10 facts all women should know about melanoma of the skin.

Breakthroughs - Cindy Tsai
Cindy Tsai, R.N.: Moving in different directions, but always with passion
May 24, 2016

City of Hope surgical nurse Cindy Tsai, R.N., loves everything about dancing the flamenco, but having moving experiences is nothing new to her. Tsai, who has been with City of Hope for 10 years, said she is moved whenever she can “hold a patient’s hand and comfort them as they go under anesthesia ... "

Cutaneous T cell lymphoma Q&A: Treatment, misdiagnosis, and advances in research
May 23, 2016

Jasmine M. Zain, M.D., director of the T cell Lymphoma Program, discusses various Cutaneous T cell lymphoma (CTCL) treatment options, the challenges facing minorities and promising research on the horizon.