Comprehensive Cancer Center

Scientists in City of Hope‘s cancer research programs operate with one fundamental goal: to eliminate cancer, for patients now and in the future.  
In recognition of their ongoing accomplishments—including bold advancements in cancer research, innovations in treatment, a continuing tradition of compassionate patient care, and ongoing cancer education initiatives—City of Hope has been designated as a Comprehensive Cancer Center by the National Cancer Institute (NCI). Only a handful of institutions nationwide have received this prestigious honor.

Cancer Center Research Programs

Research programs at City of Hope’s Comprehensive Cancer Center reflect the institution’s long-standing commitment to the fight against cancer.
The programs are multidisciplinary, benefiting from the expertise of leading scientists in multiple areas of cancer research. There is interaction among scientists and programs, which reaps maximum benefit from each area of study. By using new knowledge to develop new treatments, the programs improve outcomes for all cancer patients.
City of Hope’s Cancer Center Research Programs include work in 
Work in the fifth program, the Cancer Control and Population Sciences Program, focuses on educational initiatives and follow-up studies in areas such as quality of life after cancer, reduction of cancer-related disability and poor health, and symptom management.
Because of its elite designation as a Comprehensive Cancer Center, City of Hope is evaluated regularly by the National Cancer Institute and continues to meet or exceed the NCI’s demanding standards.  In that environment, the scientists in our programs—leading experts in multiple areas of cancer research, collaborating in state-of-the-art facilities, and backed by long-standing, solid infrastructure—comprise a formidable force against cancer. For you, with you, we won’t give up the fight.