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clinical trials
Behind the scenes of a clinical trial
July 21, 2016

At City of Hope, at least 400 clinical trials are going on at any given time. To help illuminate the clinical trial process for patients, here are five facts you may not have known.

Breakthroughs - Walk for Hope
20th Annual Walk for Hope raises funds for cancer treatments to benefit women everywhere
July 19, 2016

For 20 years, thousands of cancer survivors, patients, families and friends have participated in City of Hope’s annual Walk for Hope to not only raise money and awareness for women’s cancers, but to support and honor all those who have fought - or even will fight - women's cancers. Register today.

City of Hope-led research suggests brentuximab vedotin potentially curative in some Hodgkin lymphoma patients with limited treatment options
July 18, 2016

New City of Hope-led research published in Blood, the journal of the American Society of Hematology, suggests that the targeted therapy may cure some Hodgkin lymphoma patients whose disease has persisted despite receiving previous treatment.

Even when an obese person loses weight, health problems could persist due to epigenetics
July 18, 2016

When an obese person loses weight, the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, as well as liver, colon and breast cancers and other diseases linked to obesity, diminishes, right? That might not be the case. A new study by City of Hope researchers found that even after a low-fat diet is consumed, long-term disease risks could persist.

Donna McNutt
‘Cancer Fashionista’ dresses up to face myeloma
July 15, 2016

Appearance and emotions are often intertwined, so it stands to reason that improving what’s going on outwardly could help a patient - at least emotionally - face what’s going on inside with cancer. City of Hope patient Donna McNutt offers tips.