Kidney cancer strikes about 60,000 Americans each year, primarily older men.

If you've been diagnosed with a kidney tumor, talk to us. It's important to take action as quickly as possible. When kidney cancer is detected early, there are more treatment options available and survival rates are excellent. Our world-class team of kidney and urological cancer specialists can walk you through the process, address your concerns and create a personalized treatment plan designed to give you the best possible results.

At City of Hope, we treat the whole person, body and soul. We have an unmatched reputation for coordinated, comprehensive and compassionate care. Our kidney cancer team has pioneered state-of-the-art regimens and procedures that eradicate cancer while minimizing side effects. We bring together a broad array of kidney cancer expertise from multiple disciplines, all under one roof:
  • State-of-the-art screenings and diagnostic tools
  • Ultra-precise, robotic-assisted surgery using the da Vinci Surgical System  
  • Minimally invasive cryosurgery and radiofrequency ablation
  • Kidney-sparing procedures that minimizes quality of life impact
  • Radiation therapy, including Helical TomoTherapy
  • Next generation immunotherapy
  • Pioneering drug research and clinical trials
Plus, your care continues long after treatment is complete, with our unique family and survivorship programs.

Nationally Ranked Cancer Center

City of Hope is a nationally recognized as a leader in the research and treatment of kidney cancer. We are one of the few facilities designated a Comprehensive Cancer Center by the National Cancer Institute, and for the 12th year, U.S. News & World Report has named City of Hope one of the top cancer hospitals in America.

Request a Consultation

If you have been diagnosed with kidney cancer or are looking for a second opinion consultation about your treatment, request an appointment online or contact us at 800-826-HOPE. Please visit Making Your First Appointment for more information.


Care Team

City of Hope’s renowned physicians and researchers utilize the latest in technology and innovation to treat cancer, coupled with our enduring belief in providing unparalleled compassionate care.

Kevin G Chan, M.D.

Clinical Specialties:

  • Urology and Urologic Oncology
Laura Crocitto, M.D., M.H.A.

Clinical Specialties:

  • Urology and Urologic Oncology
Clayton S. Lau, M.D.

Clinical Specialties:

  • Urology and Urologic Oncology
Sumanta Kumar Pal, M.D.

Clinical Specialties:

  • Medical Oncology
Przemyslaw W Twardowski,

Clinical Specialties:

  • Medical Oncology
Jonathan Lim Yamzon, M.D.

Clinical Specialties:

  • Urology and Urologic Oncology
Bertram Yuh, M.D., M.S.H.C.P.M., M.I.S.M

Clinical Specialties:

  • Urology and Urologic Oncology
Ali Zhumkhawala, M.D.

Clinical Specialties:

  • Urologic Oncology Surgery

Tests & Treatments

Every patient is different, with different needs. At City of Hope, we design a kidney cancer treatment plan just for you. Our entire team works together to bring you precise, state-of-the-art, minimally-invasive surgery, radiation, immunotherapy and other options that will deliver the best outcome possible. We support you every step of the way, both during treatment and after, helping you and your loved ones manage your recovery.

Learn more about treatment options for kidney cancer, including surgery, ablation therapy, radiation, chemotherapy and biologic therapy.

Clinical Trials

City of Hope is a recognized leader in kidney cancer research, with one of the largest numbers of open kidney cancer clinical trials underway on the West Coast. We are constantly developing new therapies to eradicate your cancer and minimize side effects. Our latest research includes new imaging techniques to better target tumors during surgery, several new drugs to stimulate the body's immune system to destroy cancer cells and experimental therapies that target cancer stem cells.
Browse through some of our clinical trials and research projects.


When you come to City of Hope, you automatically gain access to an unparalleled array of support services to help you and your family take each step in your kidney cancer journey. We can help with all of these concerns, and more:
  • Managing side effects
  • Pain management
  • Navigating the health care system
  • Your emotional, social and spiritual health
  • Staying healthy and active
  • Healthy cooking and eating
  • Healing arts
  • Caregiver skills
  • Dealing with family, school or work stress
Learn more about these resources at our Living with Cancer or Supportive Care Medicine sites.
Additional Resources:

Support the Kidney Cancer Research Program

We deliver exquisite care at the leading edge of cancer treatment. It takes the help of a lot of caring people to make hope a reality for our patients. City of Hope was founded by individuals' philanthropic efforts over 100 years ago. Their efforts - and those of our supporters today - have built the foundation for the care we provide and the research we conduct.
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