Families for Hope

In 2018, the National Business Products Industry kicks off the “GENERATIONS FOR HOPE” fundraising campaign honoring Rick Toppin, President & CEO of S.P. Richards Co. Over the past 35 years, the industry’s generosity has resulted in more than $170 million raised towards life-saving cancer and diabetes research and treatment at City of Hope.

This year, the campaign celebrates FAMILY as the nucleus of all its endeavors. Our hope to eradicate diseases such and cancer and diabetes that impact too many we know and love today starts with the same resolve and commitment we have in insuring our own family’s health and safety.

With that said, we are launching FAMILIES FOR HOPE an online fundraiser where we encourage all our families within the National Business Products Industry to participate.  It’s as simple as starting your own bake sale, doing a walk/run or creating a new challenge where friends, colleagues and family members can join in and support your fundraising efforts. Create your own page by clicking below.  If you need help building your page, contact City of Hope at aishii@coh.org to help get you started.



Thank you again for your tremendous support!  Together, we will find the cures!