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Cancer Patient Care

Being diagnosed with a complex disease like cancer is overwhelming. At City of Hope®, we are here for you. Our world-class doctors and staff are here to help you better understand your condition so you may make informed decisions about your care.

We have a wealth of resources and counseling available. Please call us anytime.

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Our national network of hospitals and clinics offers comprehensive cancer care for patients across the United States.

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Becoming a City of Hope Patient

Understanding your treatment options enables you to join your care team in making the right decisions.
The Second Opinion You Deserve

The critical importance of a second opinion can’t be overstated. Make sure the first diagnosis is correct. We encourage you to reach out to us to schedule an appointment.


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Life during Cancer Treatment

What is the treatment process? How will it impact your daily life? Who do you need for support? We have answers to these questions and more.

Life after Cancer Treatment

Even after treatment ends, cancer may still impact your life. At City of Hope, we’re here for you throughout the journey. We encourage you to connect with our cancer support groups and programs and fully use our available resources.

Caregiving during Cancer Treatment

It's natural for a caregiver to get wrapped up in a patient’s needs. Yet that’s when it is especially important for a cancer caregiver to look after his or her own well-being.

Cancer Patient Stories

Inspiring stories that put into words what the patient experience is like at City of Hope.