Patient Success Stories

Read and watch these inspiring stories of survivors who have conquered cancer.

Christine, bladder cancer survivor

Just a little over a month after bladder cancer surgery, Christine was back at the gym teaching fitness classes and settling back into her presurgery life.

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Mary Soto, bladder cancer survivor

Mary Soto was looking forward to her birthday trip with her daughter. But the problem that she had been dealing with on and off for the past few months - blood in her urine - returned full force.

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Hannah, bone cancer survivor

Now cancer-free, Hannah draws inspiration from the care she received at City of Hope and is in college pursuing a nursing degree in college.

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Bridget, brain tumor survivor

Faced with brain cancer, Bridget refused to become a statistic. She sought a second opinion at City of Hope.

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Kommah, breast cancer survivor

For breast cancer survivor Kommah McDowell, a second opinion at City of Hope made all the difference for her and her family…

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Amelia, breast cancer survivor

Amelia Tena has made it her mission to become an advocate and mentor for people living with cancer.

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Don, breast cancer survivor

Don sports his pink City of Hope breast cancer awareness pin wherever he goes – spreading the message of early detection as he enlists new recruits in his personal war on cancer.

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Stephanie, breast cancer survivor

“City of Hope saved me. They saved my baby. They saved my family portrait.”

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Jim, esophageal cancer survivor

Now cancer-free for several years, Murphy credits City of Hope with giving him the best chance to fight his disease.

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Joelle, kidney cancer survivor

Joelle was shocked when she learned she had kidney cancer. Her doctor referred her to City of Hope, and Joelle knew she would be in good hands. After minimally invasive robotic surgery, Joelle is now cancer free.

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Kurt, head and neck cancer survivor

"Cancer hates positive people … I truly feel that I am cancer-free today because of my positive attitude.”

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Gavin's Wish: Meet My Bone Marrow Donor

A 6-year old boy is given the opportunity to meet the bone marrow donor who saved his life.

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Alex Tung, leukemia survivor

As the only child of a Chinese immigrant single parent, Alex survived a rare form of leukemia thanks to a stem cell transplant from umbilical cord blood.

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Gus, leukemia survivor

“I’m going to beat this. I’m going to come back and retrace these steps.”

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Nicole, leukemia survivor

After two bone marrow transplants and tremendous perseverance, Nicole is back to living the life she once knew – and making up for lost time.

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Aaron, leukemia survivor

What his doctor initially thought was strep throat or a common virus, Aaron was soon diagnosed as acute myeloid leukemia - the second-most common form of leukemia in children. Watch his inspiring story.

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Steven Bochco's Real-life Drama

Ten-time Academy Award-winning writer and producer Steven Bochco is accustomed to creating compelling characters who face life full-bore, whatever the odds.

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Dominick Folbrecht, leukemia survivor

When he was first diagnosed with leukemia at age 9, Dominick just wanted to get well, so he could play sports again.

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Anya Shah, leukemia survivor

When Anya Shah was 8 years old she loved gymnastics and hoped to someday be president of the United States. Then she was diagnosed with leukemia.

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Ian, leukemia survivor

At a certain point during his treatment for leukemia at City of Hope, Ian MacLeod stopped asking “Why” he had cancer, and started asking “What?”.

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Emily, lung cancer survivor

With the burden of cancer greatly lifted, the Taylors are on their next big adventure of building a family.

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AJ Patel, lung cancer survivor

AJ Patel found himself facing Stage 4 lung cancer in 2013 when, after two years of nagging symptoms, a doctor found a tumor in his left lung and, later, his brain.

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Ben, lymphoma survivor

"The moment I entered the doors of City of Hope, I felt like a person again."

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Partners for Life

Rob Kipper and Craig Prater have been together for nearly half a century. They met in Kansas City in 1969, when attitudes were ... different.

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Christine, lymphoma survivor

"There’s a humanity that exists on this campus that you can’t find in other hospitals."

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Myelodysplastic Syndrome

Hear musician George Winston talk about his remarkable experience at City of Hope, where he battled and overcame thyroid cancer, basal cell carcinoma, and myelodysplastic syndrome.

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Allisa Miller, ovarian cancer survivor

Allisa Miller was 29 years old when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Then the mother of a 2-year-old daughter, Miller was determined to fight the disease.

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Ralph Richardson, prostate cancer survivor

When Ralph learned he had prostate cancer, he decided on a treatment plan that was best for his situation, active surveillance.

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Adi and Kari's Story

Adi was diagnosed with Stage 4 neuroblastoma, a cancer of the nervous system that started on his adrenal gland and spread to his bone marrow.

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