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Life During Cancer Treatment

Patients about to undergo treatment for an illness often feel overwhelmed with how much they need to learn. Questions abound. What is the treatment process? How am I going to feel? How can I cover the expenses? The goal is for this page to answer those questions and many more. It’s a resource there for you anytime you need it. We encourage you to use it and feel free to share your feedback.

Understanding Your Cancer and Treatment

Find detailed information about the many diseases we treat at City of Hope.


At City of Hope, we offer the counsel of caring, sympathetic experts and a library of other resources to help you understand chemotherapy treatment.


Tailored and evidence-based patient education, instructions, information and resources to help prepare you for your cancer treatments.

Patient Stories

Inspiring stories to help you understand the patient experience at City of Hope

Cancer Patient Support and Resources

Connect with others to get the help and support you need.
Research at City of Hope

As an independent biomedical, treatment and education center, City of Hope focuses on basic and clinical research in cancer, diabetes, HIV/AIDS and other chronic, life-threatening diseases.

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